Thursday, February 4, 2016

Raising Angel Awareness

About 5 years ago we were guided by the angels to begin making angel jewelry from gemstones with healing properties, combining the spiritual with the metaphysical; shortly after Got Angel? ® launched.  Our mission is simply raising awareness of the angels around us all, and asking them for assistance and guidance. Reconnect with the angels and welcome the love and light into your life.  I often tell people that in my minds eye I see us going through life facing challenges, worrying and distraught.  All around us I envision the angels, wringing their hands saying "We are here and waiting to help you, just ask!". 

Following the angels guidance, we became vendors at local psychic fairs. Sharing our experiences of how the angels have brought love and light into our lives.  This past weekend we had a vendor table at a psychic fair in our area that we have participated in for the past four years.  When we began attending these fairs, there was one angel reader and one other booth with angel items.  To my delight, this weekend,  I noticed that four of the readers near our booth had angels in their displays.  Amazed by this I walked around and counted 8 booths or tables (out of about 30) that had some type of angel connection to them.  This made my heart sing and gave me hope and reassurance to stay on my path of helping people reconnect with the angels. 

Thank you angels for this clear sign that more and more people are working with you to enhance their lives, and bring peace, love and light into the world.  

Do you "Got Angel?"

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