Friday, May 25, 2012

Voice of the Angels, A Healing Journey Reading

I find myself at the time of major change.  I have been in daily contact with my angels guiding me on as to my next step of my journey.  Work has become a challenge, occupying to many hours of my day when I need to have time to work on what is important to me "reaquainting people with their angels" As of next Friday I will be out of work for at least 3 months recouperating from foot surgery and making angels.  

We have been given the opportunity to sell our product wholesale which will allow more people to have our healing angel jewelry and my husbands story of why we make rosaries which I submitted to Doreen Virtue for a book she was writing on Mother Mary Stories was accepted and published.  I strongly know this is my new path which is starting NOW!  and my card reading below confirms it.   Just wanted to share how even an electronic reading can be so accurate. 

Love & Light


Voice of the Angels, A Healing Journey

The Journey Cross Span Reading for May 25, 2012

 What You Are Working On Now


You will very soon have illumination and resolution to your current challenges. This is the card of victory after a long and difficult struggle. Light makes the darkness disappear. You can move forward with the light illuminating the path and your burdens considerably lightened if you agree to come out of the shadows. This is a good time to shed physical weight. Opportunities that were previously unavailable become accessible now. Let go of bitterness and frustration. Remember that without the moon, we have no sun and without the darkness, we have no light. "Through love and light, your answers, dear, will truly be here soon. This illumination will shine clearly then, even by night's moon."

What You Need To Do



The waterfall of rainbows symbolizes a promise. This could be the promise of a relationship or the renewal of a relationship. This can be spiritual as well as physical. It is a time for reflection on both the past and the future. A vacation or spiritual retreat would be helpful. Although this can be a somewhat playful time, it is not a time to make rash or impulsive decisions. Patience and careful timing are needed in order to reap the promise of the rainbow. "A waterfall of rainbows, where there's not a lot to do, may seem as if it's standing still, even though it's really moving too."

Foundation of Central Issue


This card equates to "The Fool" in the traditional Tarot card deck. You are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery, but you are not alone. You have guides and angels helping you along the way. Get ready for exciting changes, surprises and new experiences. This is the beginning of your personal journey toward the meaning of your life. See the beauty in life and all of the things around you. The sunrise brings with it the promise of a new day.

What You Need To Know About the Central Issue


There is a wonderful surge of energy in this phase. All systems are go! Pay attention to your gut feelings and your intuition. Do not doubt yourself at this time. Forgive others or ask forgiveness from another. Control angry or violent impulses. Direct your energy in a positive manner. New resources will become available. Conduct yourself as a leader. Initiate change. Try to see the bigger picture. All is well. "The third door here is beautiful and golden yellow like the sun; it reminds us gently now, we really are all one."


Present and Passing Influences



This card indicates the conclusion of a cycle. After an ending, there is always a new beginning. Instead of being afraid, look forward to the new cycle with joy. You have reached the end of something that was perhaps not without struggle. All of life is but a continuous circle. Take nothing for granted as you look forward to what the future will bring. The new day is not without its challenges, but also brings a new outlook and new solutions. The knowledge and wisdom that you have gathered will be helpful as you sail confidently into tomorrow.


Emotional State or Conditions



Even though you have come to a place of rest a certain amount of patience is required. The river is flowing and you are flowing with it. Although it may not seem like much of anything is happening, it is. Try not to get frustrated and just enjoy being where you are.  New experiences are on the way. Money may be forthcoming, possibly from an unexpected source. This is a place of receiving  rewards for past work. It is time to reap what you have sown. Feel  abundance flowing freely to you by means of the river. "And so you see you need to just go gently with the flow; let the river guide you tenderly to the places you will know."

Spiritual Guidance


An important decision needs to be made. You may find yourself dwelling on the past or feel stuck and unable to move forward. Someone from the past may reenter your life soon. You may even suffer regret from the past. Old patterns may have to be dealt with. You are on a threshold. You can now move forward if you choose, or go backward. Whatever you prefer is fine, but you must make a  decision one way or another. There are no mistakes. All paths converge eventually and lead us to exactly where we are supposed to be. Pay attention to your dreams. They will help guide you to a decision.


Near Future/Enlargement


Things may seem a bit stormy. Call on Uriel to help you if you are frightened, upset or need to restore balance to your life. He will help you through any upheavals. Prepare for total transformation and change. See this as a good thing, as you cannot continue on in the same way. You may have spurts of energy or bursts of anger.  Keep calm. Uriel can help. His name means, "God is my Light." Let him light your way and all will be well.

What Will Complete the Cycle


It may be a good time to start a new business, finalize plans or establish a family. It is a good time to grow spiritually or solidify your spiritual beliefs in a tangible way. It is time to leave the nest or become independent. Try to remain flexible and open-minded.  Keep your temper in check. Balance the masculine with the feminine. Break old patterns and habits that have been holding you back. Discipline and commitment will help you reach your goals. Clear up any old conflicts with authority figures or your own father if possible. Get things settled and in perspective so that you can freely move ahead.

Best Course of Action


Raphael will help you with any type of healing, medical matter or science related matter. All you need to do is ask. An influential new person may be entering your life soon. Look for an increase in your social life and activities. Surround yourself with friendly, fun, easygoing people. Keep your own sense of humor. Sunshine or light therapy will do you good and will help to renew a waning life force. Try to put things in perspective and keep things in balance. Balance the mind, body and spirit.



The side of you that is caring or nurturing may come to the forefront now. Fertile new ideas may be born and brought to fruition after a long period of waiting. Remember that all things ripen in their own time. A marriage, partnership or birth of a child is indicated. Care for the needs of the physical body. Take some time to recover from a long illness or trauma. It may be helpful to resolve past issues with your own mother or children at this time, if possible. Balance the feminine and masculine sides of your nature.  Keep your heart open. Miracles do occur every day. "As you travel on this journey, with seven angels too, remember that we are as one voice, Mother-Father-God-and-You."


Thank you Angels for your continued guidance!