Friday, January 28, 2011

The Traveling Angel

Being in state law enforcement, you get to travel a lot on long dark lonely roads. One particular night, after working long hours, I was trying to get home.  I had to travel 400 miles on dark country roads with only a few hours of sleep. As always, I asked my guardian angel to please sit next to me on the passenger seat and be my co-pilot. I didn’t really think that I would see one! Well, as the long dark miles passed by and having sleep deprivation, I must feel asleep! Suddenly, I felt the steering wheel being griped and all of a sudden I opened my eyes, and I went hurling through a herd of deer’s that were standing in the middle of the road! Out of instinct, I tried to yank the steering wheel in which direction I thought would cause the least amount of impact for both the deer and myself. Out of pure terror my steering wheel had its own mind and no matter how much I tried to yank the wheel it kept straight and as I was barreling through the huge herd of deer’s.  I heard a little scratching on one side of my mirror and my antenna on the other side my a very soft swishing sound. From my review mirror I seen my car lightly touched an antler on one deer and Got “swooshed by another deer’s tail! I counted approximately around 15-20 deer’s just looking at me from my rear view mirror. Still in shock but now slowing down I pulled to the side of the road staring in amazement and confusion of what just happened. As I turned my attention to the front of the car, in the corner of my right eye I briefly caught a glimpse of what I thought was a young girl with light colored hair sitting next to me! I immediately look to my passenger seat but saw know one!  Being a trained observer, I knew that I saw “something” but it would take years before this “hardened cop”   would finally concede to the angelic realm!            

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Angel Story

Whenever my children go out of the house I ask their angels to protect them and keep them safe. I know for sure one answered my request and watched over my daughter. She was driving behind an SUV in a Ford Focus, as she looked down to change the CD the SUV slowed down to turn and she smashed right into the back of it, just about underneath. The airbags went off and the car was a total loss. Thank God she was without as much as a scratch on her. The police, insurance company and the garage the car was towed to all questioned how the passenger in the car was, as the windshield was smashed like it does when a persons head hits it. She was alone in the car! Thank you Angels for taking the blow for my child and keeping her safe! Never Drive Faster than your Guardian Angels can Fly!