Saturday, February 28, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-28-15 Brilliant Idea

"Brilliant Idea!"
Are you acting on the idea's that come to you? They are answers to your prayers. Ask Archangel Uriel to help you recognize the divine guidance you are receiving and the faith to follow these ideas. Personally, I have followed the divine guidance received resulting in our two most popular products: Archangel Stone Casting Set and Circle of Archangels Prayer Bracelet Have the faith to follow the guidance you are receiving, trust that messages from the angels will never steer you wrong.  

"Yes, your idea is Divinely guided ... please take action to bring your idea to fruition."
"Your idea is an answered prayer. Even though it may push you past your comfort zone, know that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle. Ask for, and be willing to receive, all of the support that you need to bring the idea to fruition. Know that I'll be there all along the way, and you can ask me for help at any time. I'm especially glad to give you ideas and creative insights to support your life's purpose."

Working with Archangel Uriel: Uriel's energy is pale yellow, like a candle's glow. Whenever you need ideas or intellectual guidance, contact Uriel. His energy is aligned with the amber crystal.

Archangel Uriel
Meaning God’s Light or Fire of God, illuminates situations, giving prophetic information and warnings. He is considered an archangel who helps us with natural disaster, perhaps because of his connections with Noah and the weather elements of thunder and lightening. Call upon Archangel Uriel to avert such events or to heal and recover in their aftermath. He provides us with Divine ideas and intellectual guidance and lights our pathway so we know which step to take next. Uriel is Defender of the Element of the Earth and the North, Angel of Nature, Visions and Instruction and Custodian of Prophecy.

Amber - Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge
Gemstone Properties:  Amber is a gentle stone that draws out negative energy from the body and purifies the spirit and heart. Amber also helps us discover ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Healing Attributes:Amber is used to treat those who suffer from respiratory ailments, throat infections, those who have bronchial disorders and are prone to asthma.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-27-15 Chakra Clearing

 Chakra Clearing 
As the weekend approaches take some time to work with Archangel Metatron to realign your chakras, this will allow you to spend some much needed time this weekend for you. Often we have negativity attach to us; ask for his help in clearing you of psychic toxins that may have accumulated

“Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes.”

Additional Message:

Metatron uses sacred geometry shapes to clear and align the chakra energy centers in our bodies. Mentally ask Metatron to open your chakras, and he’ll gently send his “Metatron Cube” (the shape pictured in the card illustration) through the crown chakra at the top of your head. The cube rotates downward, cleaning psychic toxins from your body and chakras. When your chakras are clear, you’ll feel more energized and have increased intuition.

Working with Metatron:

Metatron is one of two archangels who once walked upon Earth as human men. (The other one is Sandalphon.) Metatron was the prophet and scribe, Enoch, who ascended after his exemplary Earth life.

Archangel Metatron - Angel of Sacred Geometry and Numerology, (Kabbalah), helps to clear and open our chakras, cleansing psychic toxins from our bodies. He works with sensitive children, indigos and crystals and helps to organize schedules, making time for activities which are close to our heart. He is a fiery, energetic Angel who has a special place in his heart for those children who are spiritually gifted. Metratron led the Children of Israel through the wilderness to safety and continues to lead children today both on Earth and in Heaven.

The Color Associated with Metatron is Violet or Sea-Foam Green.

The Gemstone Associated with Metatron is Watermelon Tourmaline.

Angel of Patience
Archangel Metatron - Angel of Patience

Gemstone Properties:
Watermelon tourmaline brings patience and teaches tact, creating love by combining compassion from the spirit and passion from the physical body. Attracts love, balances the male and female energies within yourself. Removes imbalances (and guilt) caused by conflicts and confusions. The green part feeds your life force, while the pink soothes and harmonizes. Used by crystal healers to encourage a calm, centered state of mind.

Healing Attributes:

Watermelon tourmaline improves the immune system, heals life-threatening illnesses and balances your metabolism and endocrine system. Watermelon tourmaline is said to alleviate pain, protect the nerve cells and strengthen the immune system.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-26-15 Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings!
Life is constantly changing, it is time to embrace this change and spread your wings and follow your hearts desire. Archangel Ariel is by your side to help you with this transition.

Archangel Ariel: “Don’t hold back right now.The timing is perfect, and you’re ready to soar!”

Additional Message: “Although you may feel intimidated by the prospect of change, and by the thought of moving past your comfort zone, you’re ready to fly high. Welcome new opportunities, and know that it’s safe to follow your heart and dreams.Keep your focus upon love, service, and spirit and avoid nay-sayers or skeptics.Remember that you inspire others with your story of turning challenges into victories”
Working with Archangel Ariel: Ariel loves all living beings, and gladly helps them all. She is a master manifestor, and she’s especially supportive of people who are healers, teachers, and service workers. She’s partial to the environmental area, and she works closely with the nature angels to protect and heal animals – particularly the birds, animals and fish who live near or in the water. One way to work with Ariel is to participate in environmental work, including picking up trash near a lake, stream, or ocean; donating time or money to an environmental cause; or switching to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.
Archangel Ariel
Ariel, otherwise known as the Lion of God, counsels your fears and helps build the qualities of bravery, courage and focus with elegance. He will help boost your confidence and being involved with divine magic and miracles, help with manifestations, for he is the Master Manifestor

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-25-15 Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle 
Archangel Raphael is reminding us to keep on track with healthy options. We need to stay healthy to continue on our path of sharing our blessings with those who need the healing and guidance we can offer. Archangel Raphael is with you with the love and support needed to make the changes you need.

Archangel Raphael: Eat a healthful diet, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly for optimal health."

Additional Messasge: "You are co-creating your health by following yur inner guidance about lifestyle habits. I give you inner nudges to improve the way you eat, or to exercise or rest more often. My prodding isn't to nag you or rob you of pleasure. Rather, my urging are in response to your prayers for higher energy levels, increased well-being, weight loss, and a happier mood. When you take excellent care of your body, your outlook and self-esteem naturally blossom."

Working with Archangel Raphael: Raphael is Heaven's physician, and he prescribes preventive and curative medicine in the form of Divine intervention and guidance. In the former, he swoops into the situation and surrounds it with his emerald-green healing light and love - and the situation is instantly healed. But in the latter (which is actually more common), Raphael will give you intuition and hunches showing how you can help with the healing.

Archangel Raphael is Heavens Physician he gives 
guidance for a healthier lifestyle, helping with anything requiring healing, relief from burdens, and Divine guidance through intuition, thoughts, ideas & dreams. Raphael is the Defender of the Element of Air and the East and is the Angel of Love, Joy and Laughter, Custodian of The Tree of Life and of Healing Powers.

The Color Associated with Raphael is Emerald Green.

The Gemstone Associated with Raphael is Emerald or Malachite

Malachite - Angel of Transformation

Gemstone Properties:
Malachite is called a stone of transformation as it can assist in changing and transforming situations. Useful for any kind of change in life. It attracts physical and material benefits and brings prosperity.

Healing Attributes:                                       
Malachite is renowned for helping arthritis; it is helpful in the treatment of rheumatism and also in regularizing menstruation. Used in the treatment of asthma, toothache and improves eyesight.
Emerald - Angel of Faith
Emerald - Angel of Faith
Gemstone Properties:
The emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It was thought to preserve love. The emerald has long been the symbol of faith and hope. It is considered by many to be the stone of prophecy. For some the emerald acts as a tranquilizer for a troubled mind. The emerald is said to bring the wearer reason and wisdom.

Healing Attributes:
Emerald allows cold green radiation to be absorbed by the user enabling him to have perfect control over his nervous and intestinal portions, liver, tissues, lungs, vocal chord, tongue, brain and nervous system. Its use is, therefore ideal in the case of any ailment connected with these functions.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-25-15 Clairaudience

You are receiving answers to your prayers in repeated messages you are hearing. Ask Archangel Zadkiel to clarify any repeated messages you do not understand.

Archangel Zadkiel: “Notice the loving guidance you hear inside your mind, or from other people.”

Additional Message:

“You’re hearing Divine Guidance very clearly. It comes in the form of repetitious messages, urging you to improve a situation for yourself or others. Pay close attention to everything you hear in your mind and with your physical ears.”

“Divine directives are repetitious, loving and to the point. Ask me for help if you need clarification on anything you hear.”

Working with Zadkiel:

Zadkiel’s name means “Righteousness of God,” and he helps us release unforgiveness toward ourselves and others. 

Ask him to come into your dreams and act like a chimney sweep, clearing away any emotional toxins from your heart. He’ll ensure that everyone’s needs are met, and that emotional healings occur in miraculous ways.

Zadkiel’s aura is deep indigo blue. When you wear the mineral Lapis Lazuli you may feel a closer connection to Zadkiel. Hold this stone above your eyebrows to awaken your ear chakras and to clearly hear the voice of the Divine.

Archangel Zadkiel
Mercy of God, helps with compassion and forgiveness. He helps to release emotional toxins and aids Clairaudience through the Brow Chakra. Zadkiel helps with memory and memorizing. He helps us let go of judgments and un-forgiveness. If you’re finding it difficult to forgive yourself or somebody else, call Zadkiel to intervene.

Lapis - Angel of Inner Strength

Angel of Inner Strength Pendant

Gemstone Properties:

Lapis is associated with truthfulness, openness, inner power, love, purification, intuition, a sense of wonder and mystery, self-confidence, virility, manifestation, and tranquility. Lapis is thought to bring the gift of strength, self-assurance and increase sensitivity to your higher power. Ancient Egyptians used Lapis as a symbol of Truth.

Angel of Inner Strength Rosary
Healing Attributes:

Lapis is considered strengthening to mind and body. Lapis allows us to tap our own inner power while purifying the soul and the thoughts. Lapis is used with other stones when parts of the body need to be purified and cleansed.

Angel of Inner Strength Earrings

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-23-15 You Are Safe

You Are Safe
As you begin this week, Archangel Michael wants you to remember that you are safe. He is with you protecting you, your home and family from all harm, evil and negative energy. 
Thank you Archangel Michael for your protection, calming my fears and allowing me to live in and focus on your loving light!

“I am protecting you against lower energies,
and guarding you, your loved ones, and home.”

Additional Message:

“Let go of worries, as I’m surrounding you, your loved ones, home, and possessions with powerful loving light. This light repels lower energies, and attracts loving experiences. Focus on this light and love—instead of on fear—as you’ll attract the object of your focus.”

“With your mind free of fear, you have additional time and energy to devote to your life’s missions. You are free when you are fearless. Know that you are safe at all times, and that my protection is flawless.”

Working with Michael:

Michael’s name means “He who is like God.”

Michael’s chief role is to escort away the lower energies of fear. If you become worried or anxious, mentally ask Michael to bring your peace. You can also ask that he clear your home, office, vehicle or community of toxic energies.

After you call upon Michael, you’ll likely notice a warm feeling. That’s because he has a fiery warrior spirit. You can ask Michael to stay with you continuously, as he’s able to be with everyone who calls upon him simultaneously.

Michael’s aura is royal blue mixed with tinges of purple. When he’s nearby you may see cobalt-blue sparkles of light.

The crystal stone sugilite is aligned with Michael’s energy.

Archangel Michael - He who is like God, protects and leads away lower energies in our space. He works with us while we sleep and enters our dreams to allay fears. Michael helps with the qualities of love, power, strength and unwavering faith. He gives guidance and direction for those stuck or lost in the purpose of their life career path. Michael is the Defender of the Element of Fire and of the South, the Leader of the Archangels. He is the Angel of Protection,
Justice & Strength.

The Color Associated with Michael is Royal Blue and tinges of Purple.

The Gemstone Associated with Michael is Sugilite

Sugilite Angel of Protection

Angel of Protection Pendant
Gemstone Properties:

Sugilite represents spiritual love and wisdom. This loving stone teaches and protects in matters of spiritual quests, love, and forgiveness. Protects the soul from shocks and trauma, clears disappointments and relieves spiritual tension. Sugilite imparts the ability to face unpleasant conditions, encourages positive thoughts, and releases emotional turmoil. It has a strong protective energy, aids in releasing negative energy, excellent for Psychic protection, as it creates a shield of protection around you.

Angel of Protection Prayer Bracelet

Healing Attributes:

Sugilite is used by healers for dyslexia, pain relief, motor dysfunctions, gently draws out pain, headaches, inflammation, stress, disease, toxins, emotional blocks. Balances adrenal, pineal, and pituitary glands, and left/right brain; light colored Sugilite is used to purify lymph and blood.

Angel of Protection Rosary

Angel of Protection Earrings

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-22-15 Patience

Thank you Archangel Jophiel for making me slow down which enabled me to experience gratitude for all the blessings already bestowed upon me. I am now ready to blossom!

Archangel Jophiel:“Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realize. Still, they need nurturing and patience.”
Additional Message:“It takes time for a seedling to push through the ground and mature into a flower-bearing plant.Yet, each moment of a plant’s life cycle can bring joy to those who notice its beauty.In the same way, enjoy the process of realizing your dreams.Slow down and feel gratitude, as each step brings your manifestation into tangible form.Notice the lessons and love that spring from every moment that you engage in acting upon your dreams”
Working with Archangel Jophiel:  Jophiel helps us experience more grace and peace in our lives through slowing down and noticing the beauty that already surrounds us.She asks us to savor and enjoy each moment, rather than hinging our happiness on some future goals.Call upon Jophiel anytime you feel rushed, stressed, or unhappy.She’ll increase your awareness and appreciation of life’s everyday miracles.
The Color Associated with Jophiel is Deep Rose or Magenta Pink.

The Gemstone Associated with Jophiel is Pink Tourmaline

Gemstone Properties:
Pink Tourmaline vibrates a deep resonance with the heart chakra. It has the potential to heal emotional wounds with its soft soothing energy to bring feelings of comfort and safety. Pink Tourmaline is said to strengthen wisdom, help with empathy, aid compassion, help with willpower, creativity, and balance a passive or aggressive nature. Pink tourmaline is believed to bring personal strength, endurance and stamina. Pink tourmaline promotes balance and protection
Healing Attributes:
It is believed that the physical symptoms of anxiety can be relieved by wearing pink tourmaline, especially if the stone is worn in a piece of jewelry that sits over the heart Pink tourmaline will help the wearer face his fears and will help to eliminate the sense of dread or panic that often accompanies anxiety.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-21-15 Clairsentience

Archangel Raguel remains by your side helping to translate confusing messages so that you’ll clearly know which steps to take. When you are not sure what the signs you are receiving mean ask for his help. 

Archangel Raguel
“Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance”

Additional Message: Please honor your feelings. Don’t be afraid of deep emotions or intense feelings. I can help you distinguish between your own feelings and those of others. I’ll also help you clear any energies you may absorb. I’ll guide you toward people, situations, and places with clear and loving energy. Your repetitive emotions and physical feelings provide important information, so please notice and follow these feelings. They’re answers to your prayers. Ask me to help translate confusing messages so that you’ll clearly know which steps to take.

Working with Archangel Raguel: Like an air-traffic controller, Raguel oversees archangels and angels, ensuring harmony, cooperation, and order among them all. In this same way, he’ll help you to sort all your feelings, enabling you to notice, understand and follow them.

Raguel - Friend of God, Clairsentience, helps to distinguish between our own feelings and those of others. He guides us towards situations, people and places that have clear and loving energy and guides us to act fairly and find win-win solutions. Raguel helps to maintain harmony and order in relationships and acts as mediator, helping us to find creative solutions. His chief role in Heaven is to oversee all the other archangels and angels, ensuring that they all work together in a harmonious and orderly fashion, according to Divine order and will.
The Color Associated with Raguel is Light Blue.
The Gemstone Associated with Raguel is Aquamarine

Aquamarine - Angel of Inspiration

Aquamarine - Angel of Inspiration
Gemstone Properties: Aquamarine is associated with cleansing, meditation, serenity, peace, prophecy, and inspiration. Aquamarine is attuned to the ocean and helps us to get in touch with the nature spirits of the sea, promotes safe travel on water.

Angel of Inspiration Earrings

Healing Attributes:
Aquamarine is often associated with the thymus gland. Healers use it to help reduce fluid retention. It has been used to calm the nerves. The Romans used aquamarine for diseases of the stomach, and to cure liver and throat troubles. It is traditionally used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-20-15 Courage

Be a loving warrior of light. As you stand up for your beliefs, you’re a role model for others. Have the courage to be yourself today - don't let others dim your light!


Archangel Ariel

“Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.”

Additional Message:

“In this situation you need to act upon your convictions, even if others disagree. I’m protecting you from harm, and guiding you to be a loving warrior of light. As you stand up for your beliefs, you’re a role model for others. This is an important form of spiritual teaching, in which your example give others courage to also stand up for their own principles.

Working with Ariel:
Ariel’s name means “Lioness of God” and she reflects these qualities including bravery, courage, focus, and elegant movements. If you notice images of lions or lionesses, this signals that Ariel is with you. Call upon her to boost your confidence and courage.

Archangel Ariel otherwise known as the Lion of God, counsels your fears and helps build the qualities of bravery, courage and focus with elegance. She will help boost your confidence and being involved with divine magic and miracles, help with manifestations, for she is the Master Manifestor. She aids teachers, healers and service workers, protects the environment and heals animals. She is indeed, the Patron Angel of Animals.

Ariel’s aura is a pale shade of pink.

If you wear or hold a rose quartz crystal, your heart will open further to Ariel’s magnificent love.

Angel of Emotional Healing

Angel of Emotional Healing Pendant

Gemstone Properties:

Rose Quartz is an excellent heart-healing gemstone. It carries a very gentle and soothing energy and gives comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded. Promotes self-loving and heals emotional wounds as well as promoting peace, forgiveness, and nurturing. Opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. Emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle love into our lives.
Angel of Emotional Healing Earrings
Healing Attributes:

Rose Quartz is a nature remedy that can be used for treating any issue that needs emotional healing. Teaches forgiveness and tolerance.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 2-19-15 Spiritual Understanding

Spiritual Understanding
Your dreams contain the answers you are seeking. Archangel Raziel is helping your spiritual understanding rise to the next level. He is by your side; helping you increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance,spiritual truths and rise to the next level on your path.

Additional Message:
Your spiritual understanding is rising to another level, as you open up to new ways of looking at life. Keep an open mind, and let go of limited thinking and illusions. Pay attention to signs—information that comes to you three times or more. Notice geometric shapes and symbols in your physical and psychic vision. Know that your increased awareness may shift your relationships and career goals. I’ll guide you through these changes so your life mirrors your inner experiences.

Working with Raziel:
Raziel’s name means “Secrets of God.” As the wizard and alchemist of the archangel realm, Raziel helps us understand ideas that defy normal logic. He expands and challenges everyday thinking in ways that ultimately have healing effects. If you hunger for deep spiritual understanding, ask Raziel to enter your dreams. You’ll soul-travel with him to classrooms where he’ll help you uncover truths and secrets. Upon awakening, you may not fully remember or understand Raziel’s teachings, yet this knowledge is permanently imbedded in your subconscious, where it guides you throughout each day.

Archangel Raziel knows all the secrets of the Universe and how it operates. His clairvoyance through dreams and inner sight helps us gain deeper spiritual understanding and to apply it in practical ways. He will take you soul travelling in your dreams to discover truths and ancient wisdom that will become part of your subconscious and be with you when you wake up and help you understand esoteric material and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance.

Raziel’s aura holds all the colors of the rainbow like a beautiful prism of light.

The Gemstone Associated with Raziel is Crystal Quartz. Working with clear quartz crystals magnifies clairvoyance and helps you feel closer to Raziel.

Angel of Energy
Crystal Quartz - Angel of Energy

Gemstone Properties: Crystal Quartz is excellent for unblocking energy. It amplifies the energy of all other stones and increases your emotional energy. It is said to bring out a person's strengths, originality, and relating to others. It is also believed help one's understanding of difficult situations and enhancing creativity.

Angel of Energy Earrings

Healing Attributes:
The most powerful, versatile
multi-purpose healing stone, especially regarding self-esteem, and healing the wounds of a neglectful or abusive childhood. You just have to hold and gaze into a crystal to feel your mind becoming tranquil. This gemstone should be used by anyone in need of more patience or perseverance.

Raziel’s aura holds all the colors of the rainbow like a beautiful prism of light.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Moon Manifest!

New moon February 18, 2015
Remember to manifest your soul's desire tonight!

Archangel Jophiel beautify my thoughts to manifest loving outcomes for the future

Ask these Archangels to be by your side when you manifest today!
    Archangel Michael guides you to bring abundance in your life
    Archangel Michael helps manifest your dreams into reality by removing blocks and making you aware of all the desires of your heart and soul.

    Archangel Jeremiel is a visionary and he will help you manifest your dreams into reality. 
    His name means, Mercy of God, is the Angel of insights and visions, transforming that which is before you from what could be, to what is. He will gently guide you toward manifesting your heart’s desires with mercy, compassion and loving-kindness. Call upon Archangel Jeremiel to clear the way before you with wisdom, clarity, discernment, compassion for your Self as you travel the path before you this day.

    Archangel Ariel Helps with Divine Magic and Manifestation

    Ariel means “lioness of God.” Ariel is both a healer of the human and animal kingdom. In the Kabbalah and Judaic mysticism, Ariel is associated with conducting divine magic and manifestation. Call on her to witness and experience the gifts of divine magic so together you can manifest what you desire.

    Archangel Raziel Helps with Divine Magic, Manifestation, and Alchemy

    Raziel's name means “secret of God.” He has this name because he knows all the secrets of the universe and how it works. All this secret knowledge and wisdom is recorded in The Book of the Angel Raziel, which is also considered a book of divine magic. Raziel is like a divine wizard and he can teach you about manifestation and working with the power of divine magic.

    Archangel Uriel has the ability to manifest things out of thin air.

    Uriel's name means “God is light” He helps with Divine Magic and Alchemy. He has the ability to manifest things out of thin air. If you want to learn about alchemy and the power of manifestation, call on Uriel and ask him to teach you and help you believe in the power of divine magic.

    Archangel Jophiel helps with manifesting more beauty in our lives through our thoughts.Jophiel’s name means “Beauty of God”. Jophiel is the Archangel of creativity, beauty and art. Supports artists and artistic projects, release prejudice and ignorance, interior design and decorating, awakening, self-awareness, inspiration, hope and joy.

    Archangel Chamuel comes to open our eyes to the true power of our manifestation power.

    Ask Archangel Chamuel to attune you to the divine peace that comes from knowing that we have divine power on our side manifesting effortlessly every moment all day and night for us. All we need to do is focus on what it is that we want to experience, and bless what we don't want to leave us in peace.

    It is God’s intent that your desires be fulfilled. The creative center of your heart holds the power to transform your thoughts and feelings into manifested form. The process happens automatically, often resulting in unintentional creations that aren’t what you really want. Seize control of your creations! Empty out your emotional baggage and change the focus of your mind from the ordinary to the Eternal.

    Manifesting your true desires unites you with your Eternal Self and God. Each success builds momentum and further understanding. The more persistent and intense your longings, the greater your ability to manifest.

    The following exercise will help empower your vision with purity and desire. Right desire, when focused with mental clarity, is the key! Never give up on the yearnings of your heart.
    1. Select a definite plan or desire to be fulfilled. This can be a thing or an experience. It is constructive, it is worthy of your time, and will it bring you closer to God? It must not involve manipulation or be at the expense of another. In the beginning, it helps if your desire is simple and has a tangible result so you will know when it has manifested.
    2. State your plan clearly and in precise detail. Write it down, making a physical record of your desire. If you enjoy ceremony, this is a good time to declare your intention to your Eternal Self and God in a personal and private way. This could be as simple as playing appropriate music, lighting a candle, and reading your plan or desire with feeling and love.
    3. Close your eyes and see a picture of your desire or plan in its finished, perfect form. Include as much detail as possible: how would it look, sound, smell, taste, and feel. See the surrounding circumstances and results. Then pour your feelings of desire into this picture. If it doesn’t stir your emotions, don’t waste your time. This should make you feel more alive, energetic, and enthusiastic.
    Concentrate on your desire each morning upon waking. Keep your consciousness charged and focused on the creation. Strive to do an especially clear visualization just before sleeping to activate the power of your subconscious mind. Be careful when you discuss your vision. Will you open the door to judgments, weakening the energy force you are building, or will you attract the right people to help you? Listen to your heart and use discretion.
    Be open to the creative flow that follows your vision. Your awareness and sensitivity will be your guide. You many need to do nothing but wait. People and resources may appear to assist you, so be alert and accept their help! Or you may need to actively work at your creation by doing research, further refining your vision or getting appropriate permits, funding, training, licenses, or documentation. Be willing to change, and be flexible! If you stay attuned to your truth, and let go as needed, you will stay connected to your Eternal Self and God in holding your vision.
    4. When your manifestation is complete, celebrate! Give thanks for your achievement! Thoroughly enjoy your creation. Then see what is next. God intended for our lives to be an ever-expanding experience of love and fulfillment.

    Thank you angels for opening my heart to find my divine path of reacquainting people with their angels