Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Angel on Earth

As we travel around sharing our healing angel jewelry with people at psychic fairs, we have met some amazing people who are willing to share their angel stories.  When we were in Syracuse, NY a while back there was a beautiful child who was drawn to our table.  We talked to her and she rang the bell on our table to "help an angel get its wings"  She was probably about 7 years old, very bright and advanced for her age.  Her dad was close by while her mom was having a reading done.  When the family joined their daughter at our table we asked if they believed in angels and had any angel stories they would like to share. 

The mom told us, she had been diagnosed with cancer and was to have a Hysterectomy, unfortunately for the family, they did not have any medical insurance and were waiting for the womans grandmother to give them the money for the surgery.  Before this happened, the grandmother passed away.  A short time after that the woman ended up pregnant, which was something that was not supposed to happen.  They were so thankful for this blessing, and of course the treatment was postponed. 

After the birth of this amazing child the woman's cancer was completely gone.  This wonderful story brought tears to our eyes, this child is truly an angel on earth. 

The child was so drawn to our angel jewelry, we asked her to pick out an angel she would like as a gift.  She was drawn immediately to an angel made from a pink opal The angel of hope:

Pink Opal is a stone of peace and tranquility, the stone of hope, and great achievement. Pink Opal is a lovely stone for healing the emotions, especially those connected with subconsciously held pain. It can bring peace to those who have excessive fear, worry or anxiousness. A stone of love, but only to faithful lovers

Healing Attributes:
Helps lung conditions, increases assimilation of protein. Assists the control of one's temper and calms the nerves.

Her mom was very thankful, and smiled at us when she read the name of the angel  "Angel of Hope"  The child's middle name was Hope - which is what she brought to her family.

I thank this family for sharing their story with us, so I am able to share it with you!