Our Mission

Monday, December 13, 2010

Angels have become an important part of our family's life, being beside us when we most need them. Gemstone Healing Angels were created to combine the healing properties of gemstones and to share the joy of acknowledging the angels around us. Each angel is prayed over before it is sent out on it's mission.

It is our mission to reacquaint people with angels.
No matter what we may be experiencing in our lives, angels are here to help. Angels are divine beings who serve as messengers from God and are able to facilitate healing and transformation in our lives. Their purpose is to fill our lives with love, offer guidance and protect us. All we have to do is ask for their assistance.
Since ancient times, it has been believed that wearing gemstones can have positive effects on one’s health. Light enters the gemstone and changes its wavelength. When different wavelengths of light interact with skin and blood, they have different health effects on the wearer. Gemstone healing angels are created with love, have been blessed and are waiting for you to name. Hold your angel, pray and the correct name will come to you. It may not happen instantly, so be patient.

Each Gemstone Healing Angel  is carefully crafted using genuine stones. Please note due to using genuine stones the size, shape and colors may vary. We will attempt to show multiple photos of the variations in the stones, and you will be able to request any specific preference you may have. Based on the availability of the gemstones, some of our angels will have crystal heads instead of the matching gemstone. As we were researching the healing properties of each stone, we found that crystal amplifies the healing properties of each stone.

$1.00 from the sale of each Gemstone Healing Angel is donated to “BRAINS“- a Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund visit their website at: http://www.thebrainsgroup.org/