Friday, June 8, 2012

Angels Message for a New Product

We began by making healing angel pendants; next we added bracelets and necklaces.  My husband had a divine encounter with Mother Mary one night (Story included in Doreen Virtues new book “Mary Queen of Angels” pages 70-71), in honor of Mother Mary we began to make gemstone healing angel rosaries, shortly after prayer bracelets evolved (one decade rosaries). 
New products are something we strive to keep introducing to help us on our mission of reacquainting people with their angels.  Our next step was to focus on the Archangel Series of Rosaries and Prayer bracelets.  Each Archangel has a specific stone which is associated with them.
Around this time a co-worker had given me a gift – a bracelet with a poem about Mothers.   

Each bead on the bracelet had a meaning and was pictured within the poem.  My daughter was pregnant with her first child and I gave the bracelet to her. 

The poem kept showing up everywhere in my house; on the screened in porch, in the living room, on the piano, on the dining room table, even in the kitchen. 
Finally one evening when my husband was walking upstairs it was laying on one of the steps.  He picked it up and said to me “I keep tripping over this thing” I said “Me too” we agreed it must mean something.
We asked the angels to show us the message more clearly as we were obviously missing it.  

My husband went to bed, and I stayed up making a rosary.  All the while I was thinking about what to make next as many customers repeatedly say I need this one and this one and this one.  

The Circle of Archangels Prayer Bracelet

All of a sudden it dawned on me!  A bracelet with many of the Archangel stones. 

Thank you angels for your help, insight and patience with us while interpreting your message.
This is how the angels helped us develop our new product 

Keep your team of Archangels with you at all times