Sunday, December 20, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 12-20-15 Nurture

Often we are so busy taking care of others we forget to take care of ourselves and what is important to you. Take a break from caring for others and take some time today to nurture yourself - do what makes your heart sing, work on what is important to you, even if that is just taking some down time and relaxing, remember to take care of yourself. and the projects you are developing.  As you help others, remember the messages are for you too.  

Archangel Gabriel:
“As you nurture a child, you nurture your own inner child.
Both activities are important for you right now.”

Additional Message:

One reason why it’s important for you to help children is because you’re also helping your own inner child in the process.You’re teaching what you need to learn, so pay particular attention to the messages you deliver to children and their parents. Know those messages are for you as well. Take time to play, laugh and to be silly and carefree. Nurture your inner child with as much love and attention as possible.

Working with Gabriel:
Gabriel’s name means “God is My Strength,” and this phrase describes her well. Gabriel works with mothers and children during all phases of conception, childbirth, adoption and parenting. She helps grown up children as well. If your heart longs for some play time, call upon Gabriel to make all the arrangements. She’ll guide you along as you nurture your inner child. If you ask her, Gabriel will assist with your parenting desires and needs.

Gabriel’s aura is copper, like her trumpet.
Wear the crystal stone citrine, or the precious metal copper, you readily connect with Gabriel’s energy.

Citrine - Angel of Prosperity:

Angel of Prosperity Prayer Bracelet
Angel of Prosperity Pendant
Gemstone Properties: 

Citrine is able to help those who feel that they have misplaced their path in life and to give them a new sense of direction and rebuild the structure of their earthly existence. This is a stone of success in all walks of life. Used by healers to increase self-esteem and protect from the negative energy from someone else's abuse.

Healing Attributes: 
Citrine is beneficial to those people suffering from poor circulation and to strengthen the immune system, tissue regeneration, eases toxic conditions particularly in the endocrine and digestive systems. 

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