Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 8-25-15 Prioritize

Archangel Metatron reminds us to focus our time and energies on activities that support our life mission. I know I am not alone in getting caught up in what "I have to do"; today Archangel Metatron reminds us not to forget about ourselves, to do what makes your heart sing. Focus on what supports your life mission and what keeps you on your path. The rest will fall into place in your life. Thank you Archangel Metatron for your divine guidance.

Archangel Metatron: “Focus on your highest priorities – I’ll help you get organized and motivated.”
Additional Message: What’s your calling? What makes your heart sing? “When you focus on these areas, your joyful energy increases, which benefits everyone. Take charge of your schedule, and spend more time on projects and activities close to your heart. Make choices that honor your priorities and support your life’s mission.”
Working with Archangel Metatron: Metatron is one of two archangels who once walked upon Earth as human men (the other one is Sandalphon.)Metatron was the prophet and scribe, Enoch, who ascended after his exemplary Earth life. He continues working as a scribe and record keeper in heaven. He helps people develop organizational and record-keeping skills as well. When you call upon Metatron he motivates you to organize your priorities.
Archangel Metatron
Angel of Sacred Geometry and Numerology, (Kabbalah), helps to clear and open our chakras, cleansing psychic toxins from our bodies. He works with sensitive children, indigos and crystals and helps to organize schedules, making time for activities which are close to our heart. He is a fiery, energetic Angel who has a special place in his heart for those children who are spiritually gifted. Metatron led the Children of Israel through the wilderness to safety and continues to lead children today both on Earth and in Heaven.
The Color Associated with Metatron is Violet or Sea-Foam Green.
The Gemstone Associated with Metatron is Watermelon Tourmaline.
Watermelon Tourmaline - Angel of Patience

Gemstone Properties:

Watermelon Tourmaline Angel of Patience
Watermelon tourmaline brings patience and teaches tact, creating love by combining compassion from the spirit and passion from the physical body. Attracts love, balances the male and female energies within you. Removes imbalances (and guilt) caused by conflicts and confusions. The green part feeds your life force, while the pink soothes and harmonizes.Used by crystal healers to encourage a calm, centered state of mind.

Healing Attributes:
Watermelon tourmaline improves the immune system, heals life-threatening illnesses and balances your metabolism and endocrine system. Watermelon tourmaline is said to alleviate pain, protect the nerve cells and strengthen the immune system.
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