Sunday, May 17, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 5-17-15 Creative Writing


Writing serves many purposes in our lives, from letting go of worry that is preoccupying our thoughts to reaffirming  positive changes.  Spend some time today writing you may find an unexpected source meant to be shared. Archangel Gabriel is by your side urging you to write today.

Archangel Gabriel

“Make time to write down your thoughts in a journal or pen an article or book.
  Additional Message:
“Your soul longs for creative expression through writing. I can help you schedule this activity. Honor any inner nudges that guide you to write. The writing may be for your own enjoyment, or may be a cathartic experience of self expression in a private journal. As you work with your connection to the written word, you may receive Divine guidance to write articles or books for publication. Call upon me at any time to guide your through this process.” 

Working with Gabriel:

Gabriel’s name means “God is My Strength.” As the messenger angel, Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages. Like a loving coach, she’ll urge you to delegate your time and energy toward writing. Gabriel can also open doors that allow for publication of your articles and books, if you’ll ask for her assistance. Most of all she’ll help you enjoy writing.
Archangel Gabriel
Gabriel, Messenger Angel, loves to coach and help with writing, and being able to open doors for publication, will help in the enjoyment of writing. Gabriel helps to find strength and connect with personal power, and reassures that it is safe to be powerful. He works with mothers and children and helps us to connect with our inner child and play. Gabriel is the Angel of Mercy and the Patron Angel of all who work in the field of communications. Gabriel brings the gift of Hope to keep alive in your heart. He is the Governor of Eden, the ruler of the Cherubim, the Angel of the Resurrection and the Angel of Mercy. The poet Longfellow, in his ‘The Golden Legend’, makes Gabriel the angel of the moon who brings man the gift of hope. Gabriel is the Defender of the Element of Water and of the West, the Angel of Resurrection, Mercy and the Benefactor of Messengers.

Gabriel’s aura is copper, like her trumpet.

When you wear the crystal stone citrine, or the precious metal copper, you readily connect with Gabriel’s energy.
Citrine - Angel of Prosperity:

Angel of Prosperity Pendant
Gemstone Properties:Citrine is able to help those who feel that they have misplaced their path in life and to give them a new sense of direction and rebuild the structure of their earthly existence. This is a stone of success in all walks of life. Used by healers to increase self-esteem and protect from the negative energy from someone else's abuse.

Healing Attributes:
Citrine is beneficial to those people suffering from poor circulation and to strengthen the immune system, tissue regeneration, eases toxic conditions particularly in the endocrine and digestive systems.

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