Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Archangel Oracle Card for 4-14-15 Hello from Heaven

“Hello from Heaven”

When you find yourself missing your loved ones who have passed, have faith that they are always with you. Ask Archangel Azrael to  help you recognize the signs they are sending you. Thank you Archangel Azrael for helping me connect to those who have crossed over

Archangel Azrael: "Your loved ones in Heaven are doing fine. Let go of worries, and feel their loving blessings."
"Your loved ones aren't far away; in fact, they're quite near. In your quiet moments, you can feel their presence. These really are true visitations, and I ask you to trust your intuition. You may notice dream visits from deceased loved ones. Know that your loved ones are happy, free of all suffering, and want the same for you. Your loved ones want to work with your guardian angels to help you be peaceful, so watch for other signs from Heaven."

Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael is known as "The Angel of Death", since his primary role is to help people cross over to Heaven at the time of their physical death. Far from being a morbid role, Azrael surrounds the newly crossed-over soul with loving light to make the experience uplifting and comforting. Azrael helps deceased loved ones make contact with their living family members and friends. You can ask Azrael to bring you a message or dream visitation from your loved ones in Heaven.

Archangel Azrael brings comfort and love to those who are grieving or dying and also messages from loved ones in heaven helping them to make contact. Azrael is the Patron Saint of the Clergy. The gemstone Calcite, with its creamy yellow is calibrated to Azrael's energy, so holding or wearing this gemstone in times of grief or fading life, may bring additional comfort. Those who have shared an encounter with Azrael describe him as dark, very quiet, and not at all menacing.

The Color Associated with Azrael is Vanilla Cream.

The Gemstone Associated with Azrael is the Yellow Calcite.

Angel of Opportunity

Angel of Opportunity

Gemstone Properties:

Yellow Calcite stimulates the intellect, helps you believe in yourself and recognize opportunities that come your way by helping you learn your life’s purpose, brings comfort in times of grief or fading life. Yellow calcite is also particularly good for meditation, channeling, intuition, and amplifying energy. Yellow calcite helps boost self-confidence and self-worth, helps release negativity and protects one from gossip and spite.

Healing Attributes:

Yellow calcite benefits the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine. Yellow calcite helps cheer depression, heals sorrow and grief. Yellow calcite increases strength and health

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